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I read the Tarot, I show people how to read the cards, and I am currently creating my own Egyptian folklore deck {the Magical Reality حلم ولّا علم Tarot} and almost done with writing its own story {سيرة الأميرة زهرة نجمة الصباح} the Heroine of the Magical Reality Tarot بطلة تاروت حلم ولّا علم.

I do in~person readings and Tarot workshops at my place, or at events in Egypt and Germany and wherever the world takes me;

Me reading the Tarot @ Summer Wonderland Party in Germany, with a big baby in my belly.
 Jay helped me set up those beautiful rocks that we found in a storage room at the space.

My dream~coming~true is being a Tarot Storyteller; telling stories and holding a space for other to tell and create their own.. through my Tarot readings and workshop and also though my deck..

I once exhibited some of the Magical Reality Tarot drawings at a friend's beautiful yurt in Berlin, while Jay was telling the story in English.

@Clara's yurt, in Berlin, Jay telling the Story of the Magical Reality's Tarot deck, after he has helped me translate it so beautifully into English. Hopefully soon, I will be telling it in Arabic! 

It was a beautiful day, with beautiful people going along with the story and making funny sounds and music improvisation ❦ 

Below are pictures of  some of the cards from my Magical Reality {حلم ولّا علم} Tarot deck;


I have also worked on co~creating another deck called "Tarot for Social Transformation" with Jay Cousins my partner and more than 50 other people. To participate in the project, Click {here} for more info about the TFST deck.

Places & Events where we held TFST workshops and collected some of the Cards:

@Re-Make, DMY Festival, Tempelhof, Berlin

@the Summer Solstice Festival @Klein Hundorf, Germany

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