Tarot~Storytelling Workshop

Hey, I'm holding another intensive Tarot~Storytelling Workshop in Maadi, this Saturday, Nov. 26th, 6 hours in one-day, from 4 till 10 PM. And I would love to see you there! You and your lovely friends who would like to learn to intuitively read the cards. {Your little ones are also welcome; please check the parental note below! ;) }. The workshop is friendly and fun yet very intensive! It is for both beginners and practitioners. In it I will get to share with you my almost 10 years old passion! ❦ Here is more about me and some of the work I did in Germany: http://egyptianfolkloretarot.blogspot.com.eg/p/about.html For me, the Tarot is a book, in which each card is alive and has a story to tell.. The stories of the cards reveal themselves in different ways depending on whoever is reading them. However, each card holds a universal idea, situation or archetype that each of us can experience, meet or embody at any point in our lives. Through the Tarot~Storytelling workshop, you will learn some of the possible meanings of the cards and most importantly, I will show you some tricks that can help you step beyond what the book says; to trust and go with your first intuition. As well as how to unfold the story of your querent in a grounded and graceful way, acknowledging their own wisdom and the their unlimited creative power; through fun games and simple self-created rituals {which are always a surprise!}. And then by the end of the evening, after warming up, we will be reading the cards for each other, which is usually my favorite part! ❦ If you're wondering what a Tarot deck is like: A traditional Tarot deck consists of 78 cards; we will start by reflecting on the 22 major ones; starting with its hero~ine 'The Fool' card and ending by the 'World' card. Those cards form a journey of inner transformation, in which The Fool is its main character. By each card,the Fool gets to meet different archetypes and experiences different situations that each of us can go through at any point in our lives.. After telling the Fool's story, we will uncover the 4 elements represented in the 56 minor cards which are the more practical side of the deck. It's a really fun process and it's even more fun when we step into that glorious and wonderful state of presence and start reading the cards from our hearts for each other and hopefully later on for your friends and family and most of all for yourself! As reading the Tarot can be a very nice and powerful way of re~centering and checking in, bringing perspective and clarity into our daily lives and the lives of the ones we love. ✬☾ WORKSHOP DETAILS ☽✬ * Date: Saturday the 26th of November, * Time: from 4:00 PM till 10:00 PM, * Place: At my current place in Road 213, Degla, Maadi (Please confirm your attendance to receive the exact address) * Cost: 150 EP (50% off for the wonderful people who attended any of my previous workshops ❦) ✬☾ A free PDF copy of the workshop manual book will be sent to all the participants, while hard copies of the book will be available to use in the workshop. If you would like to buy one (50 EP), let me know in advance. ✬☾ Refreshments and snacks will be served. ✬☾ We can talk in Arabic or English, depending on what's easier for everyone. ✬☾ You don't need to have a Tarot deck to attend the workshop, however, if you do, I recommend that you put the cards in order so that you can relate to them while we go through the traditional Ryder Waite Tarot deck. ✬☾ Confirmation is required (to confirm, please facebook PM me or email me zeinabomzahra@gmail.com with your name and phone number so that I can also send you the exact address and location. So excited to share with you the fun! Lots of Love, Zeinab (*) A note for the lovely parents: little babies are very welcome ❦ as well as well behave older children. However, if your little one can walk and run around, please bring someone else to look after him/her/them, as me and Jay {my partner} are barely able to look after our own! Haha (*) If you will not be able to attend this coming workshop and you would like to know about the next one, and/ or about the release date of the {حلم ولّا علم ~ Awake or Dreaming} Tarot deck, please subscribe to my mailing list here http://eepurl.com/cmvdsL

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