Magical Reality Tarot تاروت حلم ولّا علم

حلم ده ولّا عِلم 

ولّا شاشه دايرعليها فيلم 

عايشين بنفرح، نحزن و نسرح

كل يوم في حلم جوّه حلم

حلم ولّا علم
أوراق تاروت مصرية شعبية
 78 ورقة مرسومة بخط اليد 
أبيض و أسود للتلوين
ورقتين الحلم

{ورقه ممكن ترسم فيها حلمك عن نفسك
و التانية ترسم فيها الدنيا اللي تحب تعيشها.}

The set contains:
- 78 black and white coloring cards 
+ two extra blank cards for self creation~one for drawing your dream reality and the other card for drawing yourself in it!

- accompanied by a manual booklet containing;
 Keywords, folklore stories, songs and sayings corresponding with the traditional meanings of each card,

As well as a story about the journey of the Heroine of the Tarot;
سيرة بطلة التاروت
written in a style similar to Egyptian folklore storytelling known as 'El Sira El Shaabeya', 
whose characters {archetypes} and situations describe the cards of the Major suit of the Tarot.

The titles of the major suit {the journey cards} are those of Egyptian folklore tales, and which the Heroine of the Tarot meets on her journey.
Titles like; أمنا الغولة
Corresponding with{The High Priestess}; who is about mysteries, the subconscious mind, suppressed dreams and desires, the wild side of the soul, as well as intuition and inner knowingness,,
And others like;
حكيم الزمان
As in Fatma el Labwa, the mother of Aly el Zeba2 who was known for her strength and courage, which corresponds with {the Strength} card in the traditional Tarot.

The booklet also contains
Simple instructions or ways to how to read the Tarot, 
A short Introduction to the elements and their colors, and healing properties, 
as well as suggested uses, other than fortune telling, which I personally don't do, because I believe that most events (if not all) are projections from the subconscious mind, that we experience what we deeply believe to be true…

That’s also where the title of the deck comes from
حلم ولا حلم؟
My intention behind this deck and story is to inspire myself and others; and wonder about the nature of our reality...

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